Twisted Delights is a thriller of a ride!

Twisted Delights: A Thrilling Short Story Anthology is a strange collection of ten short stories which include a homicidal hairdresser, a werewolf love tale & an unforgettable meeting with the devil.

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The plane shuddered a few times, and I gripped my seat a little tighter as the nose tipped up toward the heavens. The plane evened out, and we were well on our way to sanctuary. Anywhere but back there is where I wanted to be. Even with the occasional jarring of the plane, due to turbulence, my nerves were much better off than on the ground.

---Excerpt from No Means No

In a crumpled, helpless heap I sob uncontrollably and soak the bed with our shame, washing away the love that had been made just a few moments before. When I have finished with the onslaught of tears, I rise from our bed to start a fire in the hearth. I strike a match and throw it onto the leftover lumber from the night before. The wood is well weathered and dry all the way through. It lights easily, and I begin to prepare my bath for the coming evening alone.

---Excerpt from Until Forever


I can sum it up in two words; delightfully, brutal!  My personal favorite being Aisling.

Author/Taressa Klays

The bittersweet feeling is indeed Edgar Allan Poe’ish, and I felt the thrills similar to when watching Vincent Price staring at us with cold, indecipherable eyes.

Moderator of The Fiction Factory/Web Examiner 


Copyright 2010 Kimberly Bennett

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