February 11, 2013
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Check out this interview with Sandy Stuhlfire (Horror Realm) & Chris Rickert (Eljay's Used Books)

December 12, 2011
Check out this interview with Sandy Stuhlfire (Horror Realm) & Chris Rickert (Eljay's Used Books)
By Ravenous Monster Contributor: Author Christine Soltis

Christine did a fabulous job with her interview of Sandy and Chris.  She covered their generous & proactive work with local authors and Eljay's Used Books in Dormont, PA.  It also needs mentioned that a photo taken at Eljay's and included in the interview, jus...
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Halloween Horror Expo 2011

October 30, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I just got back from the Halloween Horror Expo at Eastwood Expo Center in Niles, Ohio.  While I was real excited about being in my home town to promote my books, I was disappointed at the turnout for attendees and vendors.  I still made some new fans and connected with some fans that have been following me since I released Twisted Delights.  My family and friends came out to support the event and I had a good time.  Thank you to those who made an effort to come out and see wha...
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Hour of the Beast: Review

October 4, 2011

Hour of the Beast By C. Michael Forsyth

This book was a very captivating version of a werewolf tale.  Too much was going on in the story that intrigued me, so I did not focus on the few grammatical & punctuation flaws.  The plot had many twists and several engaging characters.  It was difficult for me to put the book down before finishing and when I wasn't reading it, I constantly thought about the characters and plot.  Bravo Mr. Forsyth! I look forward to reading more of your works in the fut...
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Press Release for A Degree of Wickedness!

October 3, 2011



Book Trailer for Unholy Union